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NL LOCK is engaged in design and manufacture of integrated high-tech companies. The main products are Mechanical Combination Lock and Changeable KeyLock、Electronic Lock 、Time Lock and so on. The company was established in 2007,enrolling in Europe. There are two companies with the brand of NL LOCK, naming LOCK Technology BV and M-LOCKS BV. Factories are in the Netherlands of Europe and California. Nick Gartner is the Founder and chief architect,and he also is the Founder and chief archite of LA GARD. In 2006 he sold the company LA GARD to BA LA GARD, Inc. (Kentucky). As KABA limit lock Nick founded the brand in the U.S., so the NL LOCK registered in Europe in 2007 and established factories in Europe. As the product capacity in Europe is limited, the company was unable to meet the growing demand for delivery. In 2009 in the original production team of LA GARD assistance, NL LOCK built factories in California. The managers and production workers in California are LA GARD's older employees, with on average more than 15 years experience.All the management, engineering, production and sales teams operate independently of each company in Netherlands and the California of United States, In 2006 Nick sold the LA-GARD to KABA, and then in the period 2006-2009,the company has been designing a series of locks and a lot of start of production, including key lock, electronic lock. The company completed the development of dynamic lock in 2010, And begins mass production in 2011.

1. Nick (Klaus) Gartner, Inventor

2. S&G Mechanical Lock
    Patent 3,968,667
    Issued 1976

3. La Gard Mechanical Lock
    Various patents
    Designed 1977

4. Motor Lock
    Licensed to S&G
    Patent 5,020,345 - issued 1991
    Patent 5,033,282 - issued 1991

5. La Gard Swingbolt
    Patent 5,134,870
    Issued 1992
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